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Monsoons are refreshing but they bring with them a lot of diseases that are peculiar to the monsoon

Monsoon comes as an awaited season round the year, it is also a fertile one for most germs and diseases to spread. It is important that observe some basic precautions to avoid falling ill.

6 Safety Precautions During Rainy Season

1) Drink only boiled water - Drink boiled water during rainy season. Boiled water helps in removing congestion in our body it also helps to protect from various diseases during a rainy season.

2) Avoid Self Medication - Avoid self-medication without consulting doctor will worsen the condition.

3) Don't get wet in the rain - Avoid getting wet in the rain, you might catch flu, colds & other diseases

4) Don't wear dirty & wet clothes - Wearing wet & dirty clothes may cause skin infections and also increase the growth of germs

5) Don't eat fish & meat - Avoid sea food like fish, prawns, crabs etc during monsoon it may cause stomach infection or worse, food poisoning

6) Don't Eat Junk Foods - Avoid junk foods during monsoon they promote swelling or inflammation.

6 Common diseases during rainy season

1) Skin Infection:- Symptoms Itchy skin Rashes Redness White patches

2) Ear & Eye Infection:- Symptoms Watery eye Pain in the eye Swelling Red or pink eye

3) Outer Ear Infection:- Symptoms Itchiness inside the ear Earache Blockage in the ear

4) Hepatitis E:- Symptoms Jaundice Fever Vomiting Loss of appetite

5) Typhoid :- Symptoms Headache Muscle aches Weakness Shivering

6) Hepatitis A:- Symptoms Nausea Vomiting Diarrhoea Fatigue

Your safety is our concern.


with regards to medicine. Numerous solutions look and have an aftertaste like a treat. While it's essential to urge our children to investigate and find new things, with regards to the solution, we need to be mindful so as to protect them. Here are a few of tips to demonstrate to you how.

Medication to avoid in babies

1) A cough and cold remedies
2) Aspirin (anything contains salicylates)

Questions to ask your Doctor?

How should it be stored?
Should it be given before or with meals?
If my kid splits / vomits up a dose, should i give another one?
If i miss a dose, should i double up the next time?
Does my child have to finish the full prescription?
Could the medication effect my child's chronic health condition?
Common safety tips for giving your child medicine

Always talk to your doctor first
Treat herbal remedies like any other medicines
Only use medication made for kids
Read the directions
Avoid double dosing
Check the ingredient list
Check the expiry date
Measure with care
Only mix with food if recommended by your doctor
Take the full course of antibiotics
Store medicines safely
Ask Questions

Safety in Home

The medicine is in an original pack or patient packs such as to make this inadvisable.
The parent will have difficulty in opening a child-resistant container.
A specific request is made that the product shall not be dispensed in a child-resistant container.
No suitable child-resistant container exists for a particular liquid preparation.

Your safety is our concern.


the individual administering medication or self-medicating use the drugs correctly by following the doctor's instruction for the medication prescribed. Medication can be very dangerous which can potentially cause harm or even deaf if it's not used properly. It also requires the knowledge of when the medication needs to be administered the possible side effects and its toxicity.

Before Administering any medication check

Right Medication
Right Patient
Right Dosage
Right Route
Right Time
Right Documentation


Check patient's Allergies
Assist patient to upright position
Remain with patient until each medication has been followed

Rules & Techniques for Giving medicines

1) Compare labels three times

When removing package from drawer
Before preparing the medication
After preparing the medication

2. Be sure medications are identified for each client
3. Check for any allergies and perform special assessment before administration
4. Confirm patients identify

Rules for measuring Medications

. Measure the amount of drug ordered, using a calibrated measure
. Do not converse while preparing the medication
. Make sure that medicine glasses are dry before pouring or measuring a medication
. Cleanse the mouth of every bottle after use before replacing it
. Measure drops
. Hold the medicine glass at eye level

Few tips when preparing oral medication

. Prepare medications for one patient at a time
. Do not open wrapper until at the bedside
. Recheck each medication package or preparation with the order as it is poured
. After medications are prepared, recheck them once again with order before taking to client

Risks of self-medication

. Always risk of drug interaction with prescribed medicine
. Increased risk of self-medication side effects
. Taking wrong preparation and wrong formulation
. Fewer chances to offer any opportunistic health promotion advice

Your safety is our concern.

Meditation is a mental and profound train that shows us to work with our

psyches and souls in a way that we can see the genuine significance of things that can not be seen effortlessly
Meditation is an associate ancient tradition antecedently it had been referred to as Sandhya Vandana which has meditation, respiratory exercise and singing stotra. Meditation can facilitate the positive development of a physical and mental standing
Meditation leads to the tranquility and purification from negative states of our mind, which can guide people to reach Nirva, which is the total realization of our divine potential, also known as “Enlightenment”

Physical Benefits Of Meditation

1) Oxygen consumption lessens
2) Respiratory rates decreases
3) Blood flow increases, which in turn slows the heart rate
4) Pre menstrual symptoms decrease
5) High blood pressure is lowered to normal levels
6) Muscle tension & headache decrease

Psychological Benefits Of Meditation

1) Greater happiness
2) More Resilience
3) Less symptoms of depression
4) Less symptoms of anxiety related disorders
5) Lessened stress response
6) Increase in emotional balance

Benefits of Meditation to Students

1) Developing Confidence
2) Reduce Depression
3) Increase happiness
4) Improve Memory
5) Stress Relief
6) Improved sleep

Meditation can be safe for everyone if it is followed and practiced correctly the risks of being unsuccessful is low, since, the only risks in meditation are caused by misunderstandings, misinterpretations of the techniques, or mental illness.

Your safety is our concern.

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